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Fast tracked integrations regardless of TMS

Improved operational efficiencies allowing Tesla to focus technical resources elsewhere

“Once I refer a carrier to Kleinschmidt, I can focus on other tasks knowing that everything will be well managed by them.”

Nasser Al-Reyes,
Software Product Manager, Supply Chain 

Tesla’s Requirement Challenge

As Tesla’s production was skyrocketing along with market demand, the distribution of finished vehicles was becoming increasingly critical. Tesla found that integration between their cloud-based Transportation Management System (TMS), which relied on API calls and JSON file formats, was presenting a challenge to some carriers who used EDI ANSI X12 messaging, flat files, XML, and different JSON/API formats.

Data exchanged between Tesla and its carrier partners requires real-time, flawless back-and-forth messaging. Tesla found that the time and resources necessary to build and test these EDI messages going to their RESTful API was burdensome for both Tesla and its transportation partners.

Analyzing the Ecosystem

To drive the shipment process, Tesla’s communication with its carrier partners requires several unique JSON data payloads that correspond to traditional X12 Transportation EDI documents.

“We needed to make sure we were speaking the same language, and compare the underlying data matchups,” said Zeshan Daramjee, Business Analyst at Kleinschmidt. 

Creating the Solution

Kleinschmidt’s integration team designed a secure interface between Kleinschmidt’s platform and the automaker’s RESTful API. Once active, Kleinschmidt worked with Tesla to test outbound documents on behalf of the carrier, the response messaging based on the automaker’s JSON schemas and the carrier’s existing EDI data.

“We were able to make sure the data processes were in place, but we were able to educate the carrier on small process adjustments that would improve messaging success,” Mike Ullrich, Kleinschmidt’s Vice President of Client Services explained.

Impactful Results

“Tesla now has that first-name relationship and trust with our technical experts,” Ullrich noted, “and that’s not just because they’re Tesla…it’s the relationship Kleinschmidt is known for with anyone we work with.”

In addition to onboarding that first carrier that made the introduction, Tesla has been able to grow their carrier pool.

“Based on the great experience we had with the technical team, we referred other carriers to Kleinschmidt for onboarding,” stated Nasser Al-Rayes, Software Product Manager, Supply Chain. “Tesla can add the additional capacity we need, even if they use different TMS formats. And Kleinschmidt was able to establish the connections as we went forward, with minimal guidance from my team.”