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Let us Help You Focus on Your Core Business.

No one understands the nuances of your organization’s supply chain like you.

At Kleinschmidt, we collaborate with you one-on-one to provide tailored data transformation and integration solutions to ensure your business is operating smoothly. Once it’s tested and implemented, our team will monitor performance 24/7/365 to ensure that data is flowing smoothly, and give it a nudge if something doesn’t look right.

Is an on-premises or cloud-based solution better for you? We provide either, or even a hybrid solution! Our wide array of innovative data solutions include – web-based EDI, API integrations, on-premises EDI and more. Discussing your project nuances with the Kleinschmidt team before you get too far down the path allows us to design a solution that is more efficient, can get up and running faster, and even save you money in the long run.

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EDI Integration >

Implement or improve your implementation of the syntax-neutral X12 Standards for business-to-business data exchange.

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API Integration >

Enable your native API to seamlessly exchange data with business partners.

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Any-to-any Integration >

Connect with trading partners who use CSV, SOAP, XML, or other protocols.

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Professional Services >

Expert input on project initial design through long-term support.

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Custom Web Portals >

Provide your trading partners or business units with a gateway to seamless eCommerce.

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Customs & Trade Compliance >

Meet the requirements of ACE, ACI, and eManifest easily with our innovative certified customs and trade compliance solutions.

Why partner with Kleinschmidt?

We function as your hub for electronic commerce by managing your EDI and API integrations and data translation as well as data transformation to connect you to businesses around the globe — a true gateway to the global trading partner community.

Our systems provide the highest degree of availability and data integrity possible. We are the only North American Value-Added Network service provider that owns a live second production site that’s online 24⁄7. Everything is backed up and there is no need for scheduled downtime.

Kleinschmidt hosts their own data center and utilizes cloud hosting and sub-licensing, depending on each customer’s unique need for API, EDI, and customized data integration services.

From the first time you contact Kleinschmidt, you are connected with a team dedicated to providing radically personal services that serve your organization’s unique needs. Collaborating with Kleinschmidt means you receive:

Learn more about our solutions

Let us know how we can help. Send a message to our sales team to learn more about how Klein­schmidt can implement a EDI or API integration solution tailored to your specific business integration needs, and we’ll be in touch right away.