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Almost any Industry Benefits from Critical Data Exchange Between Partner Companies

Bridging different businesses around the globe, Kleinschmidt keeps commerce moving.

Energy and Natural Resources

Oil, gas, mining, or agribusiness are often the first step in most every manufacturing supply chain. Effective data integration is a critical link, and we’ve proven ourselves as trusted experts in the field.

As an example, Kleinschmidt keeps multiple divisions of a global raw materials firm functioning through data integration. And we’ve helped outsourcing providers for plastics, chemical and lumber division of multinational manufacturers, too. Our experts possess the ability to work with your team to extract industry-specific knowledge and create the solution for successful data exchange across different partner systems.

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We helped kick off automotive EDI alongside the General Motors initiative, and we continue to integrate automotive OEMs and Tier One suppliers around the world with EDI, API, and other format solutions. Our value-add network supports the widest range of automotive EDI standards and protocols in the industry.

Financial Services, Payments, and e-Invoicing

As business embraced electronic invoicing and payments, Kleinschmidt helps keep that data secure and real-time. We maintain direct connections to major banks, clearinghouses, and e-Invoicing processors such as US Bank, Cass Information Systems, Ariba and more.

Our EDI and data translation solutions provide support for all payment and invoicing transactions sets—from EDI 210 Freight Invoice to EDI 823 Lockbox to EDI 820 Remittance Advice to API-based integrations that deliver a JSON payload of information—we’ve seen it all and will make the connections easy for you.

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We Never Met a Format we Couldn’t Work With

Leave the data analysis to us! As new technologies evolve, your business likely engages with local and remote systems, each with their own nuanced specifications. Kleinschmidt will perform a thorough analysis of the data output from your software and that of the systems you want to integrate, and get your two-way connection created, tested and in production quickly.

We’ve seen it all—EDI X12, GS1, XML, SAP Idoc, JSON, EDIFACT…even spreadsheets and CSV files. Bring us your challenge, and you’ll see why companies both large and small rely on Kleinschmidt.