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Proven Electronic Customs and Trade Compliance

We provide you with the ability to electronically submit compliant eManifest data to the United States ACE and Canadian ACI environments from a compatible business system or a web application interface.

Certified Direct Connections

Our Certified Direct Connections to United States and Canadian Customs mean your crucial compliance data is transferred in real-time through secure protocols.

Compatible and Compliant Formats

We support trade-specific document types such as the X12 309, 311, 355, 358, 601, 824, EDIFACT CUSCAR, CUSREP, CUSRES, and more — transforming your system’s data into any and all of the compatible and compliant formats required by Customs.

ACE & ACI eManifest for Ocean, Truck and Rail

We’re here to help you navigate the new commercial environment required for ocean, truck, and rail freight. The ACE and ACI electronic manifest program for freight transportation creates a secure and streamlined environment for processing and releasing cargo at land borders. Submitting eManifest data prior to crossing the border is no longer optional. Our customs experts have built specialized solutions that enable eManifest submission and management via our web application, and our fully integrated services pair with all modern TMS applications that support ACE and ACI functionality.

Automated Export System for CBP

The U.S. Customs and Border Patrol’s Automated Commercial Environment (ACE) streamlines the export process through electronic data interchange. The AES enables exporters, carriers, and forwarders to electronically submit, validate, and correct export shipment data required by U.S. Customs. We have a secure direct connection to the U.S. CBP system and expertise in Customs data transmission so we can help you every step of the way to your AES compliance.

Import Security Filing for CBP

U.S. Customs and Border Patrol regulations mandate that advance cargo information must be electronically submitted to the CBP before certain cargo can be imported into the United States. Our customs experts keep your shipments moving by creating a solution that’s compatible with your existing business processes, helping you meet the CBP requirements for submitting proper ISF data.