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Powering Trucking & Logistics Companies that Move the World

Rapid, reliable data exchange is a mission critical component of modern freight transport—from load tender to final invoice. Kleinschmidt provides EDI and API expertise to keep your freight (and freight data) moving in a seamless, connected supply chain.

Our team creates and supports the powerful EDI and API connections that weave the fabric between you and your global trading partner community.

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Any-to-Any Data Translation

Leave the data analysis to us! As new technologies evolve, the e-commerce for your growing business will require connections between enterprise systems with a variety of specifications. Kleinschmidt will perform a thorough analysis of the data output from your software and what your trading partners require, and get your two-way connection created, tested and in production quickly.

We’ve seen it all—X12, GS1, XML, SAP Idoc, JSON, EDIFACT…even spreadsheets and CSV files. Bring us your challenge! 


Some of the largest participants in the retail supply chain procurement and transportation ecosystem rely on Kleinschmidt to take away the headaches when establishing and maintaining their electronic messaging. They know that by using the most reliable network, and leaving any software updates or data specification change management up to Kleinschmidt, they can focus on their business.

Small/Medium-size Carriers Can EDI with Trucking Titans

FreightLaunch™ by Kleinschmidt allows even small carriers to respond with a confident “Yes” when asked to comply with electronic data interchange (EDI) requirements of shippers or brokers. You don’t have to become a data expert or invest in an expensive software solution that is just too much for your size business. All you need is Internet access and your laptop or tablet to:

  • Receive load tender alerts
  • Accept or decline tenders
  • Send status updates
  • View all loads on the road or on upcoming schedule
  • Submit final invoice electronically

Kleinschmidt will set up, test and monitor successful transmission of your messages, and train you how to use the simple interface.

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