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XML to EDI integration

“Kleinschmidt’s team has gotten work done super quick. They’ve made me look at things from a different perspective, to get a better result, instead of just building something.”

Jacob Foster
Senior Operations Analyst

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Business Challenge

A logistics provider required an XML to EDI transformation, to meet trading partners’ data integration requirements. Kleinschmidt created a cloud-based environment enabling seamless integration without disrupting the logistics provider’s day-to-day business processes.

Supporting a Logistics Leader

Kleinschmidt’s client, a defense and government logistics provider, works internationally, to support defense and government services for major organizations/businesses including the U.S. Department of Defense (DOD). CargoWise, the provider’s cloud-based logistics platform outputs critical data messaging in XML format. To meet DOD EDI requirements the provider needed an XML to EDI solution implemented that would not require change that would interfere with the provider’s internal business processes.

Jacob Foster, Senior Operations Analyst with the provider, notes, “Last year when I joined the company, I was put in charge of managing EDI. I connected with the team at Kleinschmidt. At previous organizations where I worked, we were our own VAN provider and SFTP network. So going from in-house EDI to working with an outside VAN/EDI provider was a bit of a learning curve.”

In his role, Foster wears many hats and manages multiple relationships across different points of the supply chain. He notes, “It’s figuring out all those relationships that takes time. I am an autonomous department, so I report directly to our CIO and CFO. In addition to coordinating with Kleinschmidt regarding EDI, I handle process enhancement as well as overseeing the technical systems.”

Managing Requirements

Since CargoWise is a cloud-based system, the requirements were to transform CargoWise’s XML output into EDI 214 (Transportation Carrier Shipment Messages), 110 (Air Freight Details and Invoice) and 856 (Advance Shipment Notice) documents. At the same time, the XML to EDI conversion processes had to fit within the provider’s Web Services Description Language (WSDL). Kleinschmidt partnered with the logistics company to work towards creating a seamless, sustainable solution.

Configuring the Cloud and Continued Support
Kleinschmidt’s Client Services team designed a solution that leveraged a cloud-based Microsoft Azure environment, to support the CargoWise posting XML data via HTTPs communications within the structure of the logistics provider’s WSDL.

After implementing the XML to EDI solution, Kleinschmidt continues to provide support with error checking, data validation, and real-time monitoring.

“We’re able to take a specific set of rules/validation from the client, and in the event of data not conforming to these rules, we do not output the data– instead, we send real-time emails notifying the provider’s team. We work with them to troubleshoot the error so the data conforms to the rules and resends,” explains Mike Ullrich, Vice President of Client Services at Kleinschmidt.

By partnering with Kleinschmidt, the logistics provider receives support from knowledgeable Business Analysts who understand the provider’s specific needs and create solutions tailored to their internal goals while keeping trading partners satisfied.

Foster recalls, “Mike’s team has gotten work done super quick. It’s a pleasant experience, very responsive with tickets. When I have questions or changes, Mike doesn’t just immediately act, he analyzes the request and asks questions. He’s made me look at things from a different perspective, to get a better result, instead of just building something.”

Measuring Success

As part of their work with institutions like the DOD, the logistics provider may receive feedback via a scorecard where contracted service providers are graded based on how quickly, accurately, and promptly they output data.

Key Takeaways

  • Kleinschmidt created and tailored the XML to EDI solution for a defense and government logistics provider while working within the provider’s WSDL parameters.
  • The solution combines automated data validation and personal support with real-time troubleshooting tools for ongoing compliance with data standards.
  • The logistics provider’s partnership with Kleinschmidt allows them to sustain successful business partnerships and receive favorable feedback from key partners.