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Aviel Solutions

EDI to API integration

“Our goal at Aviel is always to simplify user experiences as much as possible.

Partnering with Kleinschmidt meant we could quickly onboard our second carrier client within days of integrating the first.”

Johnny Cotoc
Chief Architect at
Aviel Solutions

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Business Challenge

Integrating. Scaling. Optimizing. These are the core concepts that define the goals of any effective Transportation Management System (TMS). Yet, for small to mid-sized carriers, finding a TMS that is both affordable and efficient can be challenging. This is the gap Aviel Solutions, based in Windsor, Canada, aims to bridge.

Johnny Cotoc, the Chief Architect at Aviel Solutions, shares, “With years of experience in the transportation industry, my partners and I understand the complexities of managing a fleet of hundreds of trucks. We’re focused on facilitating organizational growth—whether that means expanding the number of trucks and assets or enlarging a brokerage—while keeping operational costs in check.”

Unifying Business Processes

Aviel Solutions is dedicated to integrating a business’s varied departments within a singular, comprehensive platform. Developed by experts for the transportation sector, Aviel’s TMS serves as a holistic solution for managing transportation needs.

Fostering Partnerships 

In pursuit of like-minded collaboration, Aviel Solutions reached out to Kleinschmidt based on Kleinschmidt’s extensive experience with carriers, shippers, brokers, and third-party logistics providers (3PLs).

“Kleinschmidt stood out as a leader in data integration solutions. We were drawn to their commitment to not just kickstart our initial setups but to also cultivate long-term partnerships,” Cotoc elaborates.

Seamless Integration from Field to Freight 
Aviel Solutions met with the Kleinschmidt team to review the Kleinschmidt API Specifications for Carriers, which was developed as a framework for businesses seeking API integration functionality. It checked all of the boxes, and the team moved forward to implement that framework to meet the specific requirements of Aviel’s clients.
Mike Ullrich, Vice President of Client Services at Kleinschmidt, describes the process: “We converted the vegetable producer’s EDI 204 load tender messages into standardized JSON tenders for Aviel’s TMS and received back the JSON shipment status messages, load tender responses, and invoices. We formatted them into the shippers required EDI 214, 990, 210 specifications. The process went very smoothly, and we were approved for production in a very short time frame.”
This integration streamlined the connection between Aviel’s carrier clients and a major trading partner, highlighting Aviel’s strength in enhancing interdepartmental coordination through its TMS.
Cotoc emphasizes simplicity in their approach: “Our goal at Aviel is always to simplify user experiences as much as possible. Partnering with Kleinschmidt meant we could quickly onboard our second carrier client within days of integrating the first.”
Moving Towards Continuous Growth and Expansion
The partnership between Aviel Solutions and Kleinschmidt represents the beginning of a dynamic relationship aimed at broadening connectivity and scalability within the transportation sector.

Cotoc looks ahead: “Our current clients see this as just the beginning, anticipating further integrations with larger organizations. Each trading partner’s unique data integration requirements present new challenges and opportunities for growth.” 

This initial success has Kleinschmidt eager to continue supporting Aviel Solutions’ innovative approach to TMS provision.

“The project has proceeded smoothly, with carriers operational and data flowing without errors or issues. Leveraging the established Kleinschmidt API has made for quick and easy on-boarding of new carrier/shipper relationships,” Ullrich adds.

About Aviel Solutions

Aviel Solutions is a cutting-edge TMS provider focused on revolutionizing the transportation industry. By identifying specific customer needs, Aviel engineers unparalleled solutions, empowering clients with advanced automation and integration technologies for unprecedented growth. Discover more at