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Over 200 DMSi Users Served

23 Years as a Client

“It just works! It’s quick to configure and once it’s set up there’s minimal effort to keep it running. Our customers love the reliability of the solution.”

Shelly Price,
Sr. Productivity Solutions Consultant

Business Challenge

Running a software platform for folks in the lumber and building industry involves electronically transferring a wide variety of time-sensitive digital documents such as orders, invoices and ASNs up and down the supply chain. Each of DMSi’s customers may have many trading partners, every one of which utilizes different document layouts, schemas, and EDI integration standards.

DMSi needed not just a B2B messaging hub, but a partner that could painlessly manage all of those documents, ensuring that their customers—and their customers’ trading partners—could focus on managing inventory, manufacturing and selling building materials, rather than the complexities of EDI.

The Kleinschmidt Solution

Kleinschmidt acts as a gateway for DMSi’s customers and trading partners—one that provides the data exchange and translation to keep commerce flowing.

Kleinschmidt’s cloud translation enables the entire DMSi software user community to transmit their files to us in one flavor and format through a single connection. Kleinschmidt then translates those files to meet the varying requirements and specifications of each users’ trading partners.

Between setting up new trading partner relationships, managing existing setups, and modifying and testing data translation programs on our data portal, we’ve become deeply knowledgeable about DMSi’s needs—and their clients’ needs, as well.

“Kleinschmidt knows our data,” says Shelly Price, Sr. Productivity Solutions Consultant at DMSi. “They know the industry. We feel confident that with whatever comes up, Kleinschmidt has got our back. In 23 years, I can’t recall there ever being an outage or downtime.”

And no matter the type of EDI or data translation — be it conven­tional EDI standard formats, web services or an interchange that’s a little out of the ordinary — we’re able to make it work.

“Recently, we’ve started…a project to transmit data a little differently,” Price says. “Klein­schmidt immediately put a couple of people on it, had several meetings talking about what we could do, and has been very open to all of our ideas.”

Twenty years of successful translation rests solidly on the foundation of Kleischmidt’s strong rela­tion­ship with DMSi. Klienschmdit’s business analysts and programmers make sure that translating the most standard EDI document and future planning are treated with the same rigor — and that commu­ni­ca­tions are constant.

“If the person that we’re talking to doesn’t immediately know (the answer), they can usually get us one very quickly. Everyone throughout the years is very invested in ensuring that we’re successful and that our clients are successful. We know we have a solid partner in Kleinschmidt.”

About the Company

Distribution Management Systems, Inc. (DMSi) provides ERP and integrated eCommerce solutions to the lumber and building materials industry. Their Agility ERP software powers the inventory and order management systems of more than 400 companies. Learn more at