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Kleinschmidt – meshVI Announce Partnership

Leading tech companies join forces, demonstrating commitment to investing in the transportation and logistics industry

September 14, 2023—Kleinschmidt, Inc. and meshVI announce their partnership in developing solutions for the transportation and logistics industry. This provides an opportunity for Kleinschmidt to diversify and invest further into their core market, and for meshVI to advance their services and infrastructure.

While the two technology companies have historically had different fundamental focuses in the supply chain, the industries they serve intersect, as do their data functions.

“We see this opportunity as an exciting way for Kleinschmidt to expand in an industry that we have supported for over four decades. The deep knowledge that the leaders at meshVI have of the transportation insurance industry has driven them forward with a clear vision. They are already delivering a significant time savings to their clients. It seemed like the perfect synergy for Kleinschmidt to invest in that vision,” commented Dan Heinen, CEO of Kleinschmidt.

Andy Sharpe, CEO of meshVI agrees, saying that “the partnership is more than the investment for us at meshVI. We look forward to leveraging the technology expertise of Kleinschmidt. They are known for building essential B2B data connections, and we are meshing insurance data and processes; this is one of many reasons this is an excellent partnership.”

Kleinschmidt has earned a reputation as a leading, reliable value added network (VAN) for electronic data integration (EDI) services for over 40 years and the industry’s best uptime record. Services have expanded to include what Kleinschmidt calls “any-to-any” data integration, minimizing impact to internal business operations regardless of data format provided or required by trading partner. They support the supply chain with a network involving customized e-commerce data message transformations and delivery through a multitude of protocols, including application programming interface (API) solutions.

meshVI, formerly Transharpe, is known for its flagship insurance platform product, which streamlines data sharing between carriers and insurers, agencies and wholesalers. The solution saves thousands of hours every year by replacing manual processes for agents, wholesalers, brokers, insurers and insureds by providing online access to current vehicle, policy, and client changes.

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Kleinschmidt – Lucy Smith – Director of Product Management or meshVI – Tiana Schowe, COO & CoFounder.