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Takeaways from TIA 2024

Our Kleinschmidt team hit the road again, this time for the Transportation Intermediaries Association 2024: Capital Ideas Conference in Phoenix. Vanessa Eldridge, Key Account Manager, Jeff Korengold, Director of Sales Support, Matt Semenza, Assistant Vice President of Sales, and Dan Heinen, CEO, represented Kleinschmidt at this exciting event.

The conference is aimed at 3PLs and freight brokers. Attendees’ top concern this year was focused on the state of the industry. The high-margin days of the pandemic are behind us, and sessions covered everything from combating fraud in the logistics sector to the impactful role of AI (Artificial Intelligence) in freight operations. Discussions also delved into the differences between transportation segments, like drayage versus intermodal.

Talking About Tech

Jeff shared his experience: “TIA 2024 was buzzing with tech talk. It was great to meet various experts and learn how different organizations approach their need for EDI and API integration. From 3PLs that have surprisingly stuck to old-school paper invoices for years to large companies with complex supply chain ecosystems, the range was fascinating. I even bumped into an old high school friend who started his own carrier review platform!”

Getting a Pulse on Client Needs

Vanessa agrees, adding, “It was fantastic to reconnect with our clients, get a pulse on their current needs, and share the latest from Kleinschmidt. API integrations and optimizing tech stacks were hot topics that everyone wanted to discuss.”

Connecting Face-to-Face

“TIA 2024 was not just about business; it was a great chance to connect with people face-to-face. We had an exciting time meeting new and familiar faces and enjoyed the all-conference party thrown by our partner, DAT,” summarizes Matt.

Our Next Stop

We’re gearing up for Home Delivery World 2024 in Philadelphia on June 5-6. Jeff Korengold and Andrew MacDonald will represent Kleinschmidt. If you plan to be there, we’d love to meet! If you’re interested in discussing EDI, API, or comprehensive data integration solutions but won’t attend the event, email us at We’re always here to help.