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Flawless, Reliable Connections that Empower Your Business

We’re here to make business connectivity easy by solving the tough integration problems that no one else can.

When you need to create data magic between your company and a trading partner—or even two systems within your organization that you’d like to make more frictionless—Kleinschmidt can help. We’ve been providing true any-to-any EDI and API integrations for decades and have a track record of delivering data transformation solutions that keep business running without a hiccup.

Our mission is to provide radically personal service and technology innovation in a world where one size doesn’t fit all.

We do this through a commitment to making the complex look simple, as we support business and commerce pioneers. Our experts continue to stand watch on implementations to ensure everything is running smoothly.

Our superpower is our experience–enabling business transformation since 1893. And that’s why it’s no surprise that longevity and growth as a company is derived from referrals from those who have seen the value of the Kleinschmidt difference and recommended us to others.

Solutions as Unique as Your Business

Whether you’re a small, middle-market, or large international business, we design and equip you with seamless data integration solutions. From EDI outsourcing to API integration solutions, Kleinschmidt keeps your electronic commerce running every step of the way with solutions that are as unique as your business. We support X12, API with JSON and XML payloads, as well as any other data transformation or translation you might require.

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We’ve Got the Supply Chain Covered

You won’t find anyone who enjoys a data mapping or transformation puzzle more than the team at Kleinschmidt. Discover the benefit of working with experts whose connectivity solutions have enabled efficient commerce for trucking, logistics, retail, warehousing, customs, rail transportation and more.

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True “Any to Any” Data Transformation Expertise

Kleinschmidt is well-known for value added network (VAN) EDI managed services, and is one of the top X12 standardized EDI companies in the world, enabling businesses to utilize EDI-compliant messaging protocol. A growing number of businesses have also relied on Kleinschmidt for integrations using APIs with a JSON payload, and data protocols such as CSV, HTML, XML and more.

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Learn more about our solutions

Let us know how we can help. Send a message to our sales team to learn more about how Klein­schmidt can implement an EDI or API integration solution tailored to your specific business integration needs, and we’ll be in touch right away.